Connections and Ports in ESX & ESXi

I got an email from Dudley Smith (a VMware TAM and the author of Troubleshooting ESX and Connections & Ports in VI3.5) informing me that he had recently updated one of his documents.  Wow, he sure did.  Check this puppy out (click the graphic to download) … 



Pretty slick, eh?  Well it gets even better.  He also created a version using The Brain in HTML …  Nice!  This is definitely a bookmark I’ll be keeping handy and I’d recommend you do the same.

Good work Dudley!  Thanks for making it available for everyone.  If you agree, be sure to leave a “Thank You” comment for Dudley Smith.

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    Dudley, you are a rockstar.

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    Hey Jaime,

    Long time no talk! How are you? And when are you going to start blogging?


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